What makes LED lighting will be more durable


Durable LED lighting can save more money


Moisture-proof is the key to the maintenance of LED Lights, especially LED Lights in bathrooms and stove lights in kitchens. A moisture-proof lampshade must be installed to prevent moisture intrusion, rust damage, or leakage and short circuit.

There is no need to clean the LED lights with water, just wipe the light with a dry cloth. If your hands get wet, wipe your hands dry as much as possible. Do not wipe with a damp cloth when turning on the light.

Ordinary LED lights cannot be used in circuits such as dimming desk lamps, delay switches, and induction switches.

LED lighting fixtures are generally used when the ambient temperature is 5-40°C.

The inside of the LED Lights is mainly driven by the power supply. It is recommended that non-professionals do not assemble it to avoid dangers such as electric shock.

The metal parts of LED lights cannot be freely used with polishing powder and other chemicals. The dust behind the LED Lights should be cleaned with a dry cloth or dust collector.