Project Description

  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps 110V 36W Sterilization with Remote Control for Household Disinfection Living Room Bedroom Household Kitchen Hotel Germ Virus Free

  • Efficient and Portable

  • UVC with Ozone

  • Timer Setting

  • Widely Used

  • High Efficiency


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Product Description

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps

Efficient and Portable

Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamps With the design of UV light and Ozone synchronize working, stronger sterilization effect, 360°wider beam angle, Light quality, you can use it anywhere you want. Combined with timing devices, you clean the air when you are working outside.

UVC with Ozone

Ozone has a very powerful function, even if there is an object blocking it, the gas will also spread throughout the room, without being affected by obstructions. but ozone itself has an unbearable smell after use and needs to keep the room ventilated for 30 minutes or wait a more long time (3-12 hours) to let it self-decomposition into oxygen. Until there is no smell of ozone, they can enter the room.

Timer Setting

You can use the remote control to set the working hours, 15/30/60 minutes timer modes suit for different needs, turn on the power, it has 15 seconds delay, safer for your leave. (Remote control battery model: 23A 12V)

Widely used

The light is great for freshening dark spaces, and damp basements. It also can work for bed, room space, and object surface sterilization. Ozone is good at removing the urine smell in the toilet, the odor from the carpet in the room, the musty smell in the closet, the smell of cats dogs, etc to achieve sterilization and deodorization purposes.

Long Bulb Life

The Light Bulb is Made of Quartz Material with 254 nm Wavelength and 5000-8000 Hours of Service Life.

High Efficiency

UV Disinfection Lamp is More Efficient than Liquid Disinfectant, No Non-Removable Irritating Odor Left After Disinfection, Applicable Up to 400 SF. High Transmission Rate and Better Sterilization Effect. Easy to Store. Safe and Convenient to Use.


This UV Disinfection Lamp Chassis is Made of High-Quality Steel, Very Sturdy, and Stylish. Perfect for Long-Time Use of Sterilization for Home, Office, School. Hospital and Any Private and Public Areas.

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When the Germicidal Lamp is Turned on, Please Leave the Area Unoccupied and Keep the Environment Free of Animals and Plants. Do Not Look Directly at the Germicidal Light Source.

This Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Lamp Features Timer Switch with Remote Control. Plugin the Lamp, Turn on the Switch, Press the “ON” button on the remote, and choose the timer according to the user manual. Disinfection is Within One Touch!

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