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UV Germicidal Lamp 36W UVC Sterilization Flood Light germicidal Spotlight Commercial UV lamp Light 110/220V Sterilizer Disinfection Ultraviolet Kill Dust Bacterium Mite Killer Hotel Office Hospital

  • UV-C radiation is scientifically proven to break the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and pores.

  • Effective at eliminating coronavirus from surfaces and potentially air

  • A disinfection process that inactivates micro-organisms without the need for harmful chemicals.

  • Killing a range of dangerous bacteria and viruses from MRSA to E.coli.

  • The special outer glass tube absorbs the lower wavelengths, suppressing the formation of ozone and ensuring environmentally friendly sterilization.

  • Helping people combat pandemics.

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Product Description

UV Germicidal Lamp

Wattage: 36Wx2

Voltage: 110V / 220V

Wavelength: 253.7nm

IP Rating: Indoor use only

Radiation Area: 10-80 square meters

Life Time: 8000hours

Bulb Quantity: 2 Bulbs

Housing Material: Aluminium

Warranty: 1YEAR

Certificate: CE, UL

Product Dimension: 540X250X150mm

Product Weight: 3.5kgs

Mounting tyle: Adjusting Yoke with Mounting

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