Solar Energy Can Help Places Where No Stable Energy


1) Designer Idea

The Viewdom foldable solar street lamps are made to increase sustainability and ease of use in a wide range of public spaces. Viewdom technology developed the solar street lights series. This provides free, off-grid, renewable energy for places where there is not enough electricity.

Viewdom technology designed the foldable street lights. The item is an industrial product made from all-aluminum molds. It meets the highest aesthetic standards of the built environment and seamlessly integrates durable solar cells into its structure and high-quality controller.

Each step of the foldable solar street lamp is designed to meet the strict requirements of an off-grid solar photovoltaic system. It also allows for maximum flexibility. Viewdom solves many of the practical problems associated with these projects. This is in contrast to traditional off-grid photovoltaic systems where electrical loads, usage patterns, and locations are predetermined. An extensive operational model addresses this engineering challenge by taking into consideration highly variable energy usage patterns, geographic locations, seasonal changes in solar resources, as well as the reliability and range of system autonomy. Viewdom is made to higher standards. The result is an autonomous product that can be used 24 hours per day.


2)Research and Development Department

The Viewdom product design team is responsible for providing a range of engineering and consulting services as electrical engineers within the product development and design teams. The services provided include electrical schematics, module specifications and design code compliance reviews, generation analysis, reliability analysis, autonomy analysis, reliability analysis, reliability, and maintenance services. Viewdom’s product development team is made up of highly skilled professional electricians and will continue to be an electrical engineering consultant for future development.

Viewdom Technology will augment infrastructure assets during normal use and emergencies. As a completely off-grid system, Viewdom Technology will continue to provide power when energy is most needed during prolonged power outages and natural disasters.

Viewdom solar street lights can be configured with solar lighting for specific sites or provide hybrid grid services in conjunction with municipal grid operation systems.


Solar Energy

Solar Energy


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